An effective transformation of the US manufacturing sector could boost GDP by $275 billion to $465 billion while adding up to 1.5 million jobs. According to a recent McKinsey Global Institute Discussion Paper on Building the US Manufacturing Sector.

Why ROOTS Perkins CTE Packages?

Tech Education for Today, ROOTS for Tomorrow

There is a skills gap in the manufacturing industry predicted to leave over 2.4 million positions unfilled before 2028, many of them in the rapidly growing Cobots Industry. Our Perkins CTE Packages give you the language and tools you need to help YOU reach the populations you serve and satisfy the requirements for Perkins funding.

Want to know how we can help you reach your goals? 

Now more than ever...

The populations Perkins grants serve need YOU.

In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, we all are facing new choices and challenges. BUT the funding is there to make a change for the populations you serve. Perkins annual allocations exceed $1.3 billion. The Division of Academic and Technical Education (DATE) is working to make more funds available. This year, Congress set aside 1% of the $30.75 billion allotted to the Education Stabilization Fund for grants.* The funds are there, and now, you can leverage them. With ROOTS Education’s preprepared Perkins Packages (featuring cutting-edge curriculum, technology, and Perkins-responsive materials), you can come out of the crisis stronger than ever and with deeper ROOTS for future growth.

What is a Perkins CTE Package

A Perkins CTE Package is a ROOTS Education Package designed to satisfy Perkins funding requirements and serve special populations with CTE programming.


So what is Perkins funding?

The purpose of the Carl D. Perkins Grant is to serve as a principal source of federal funding for states and discretionary grantees passionate about improving secondary and postsecondary career and technical education programs across the nation. Perkins grants assist school districts, public two-year colleges, and other programs by driving improvement in secondary and postsecondary-level career and technical education programs. As set forth in Perkins, the main priority is to close the achievement gap for special populations on the Perkins core indicators of performance. Learn more about the Perkins project. 


What can Perkins funds be used for?

“Strengthening Career and Technical Education for the 21st Century”

CTE Programs like ROOTS may be applicable for Perkins grant funding under the correct circumstances.

ROOTS is unique in providing packages designed to satisfy Perkins grant compliance needs and ensure your students are served throughout the process.

*Section 124 of Perkins IV describes required and permissible uses for funds by states. Section 135 of Perkins IV describes required and permissible uses of funds by local education agencies and postsecondary institutions.*

Who can they be used for?  

  • Individuals with disabilities
  • Individuals from economically disadvantaged families, including low-income youth and adults
  • Individuals preparing for nontraditional fields
  • Single parents, including single pregnant women
  • Out-of-workforce individuals
  • Homeless individuals
  • Youth who are in, or have aged out of, the foster care system
  • Youth with a parent who is a member of the armed forces and is on active duty
  • Individuals with other barriers to educational achievement, including individuals with limited English proficiency
  • See below for an outline of several key groups served by our Perkins CTE Packages…

What is CTE

“Career and technical education (CTE) is the practice of teaching specific career skills to students in middle school, high school, and post-secondary institutions. CTE is split into 16 career clusters that apply to different high-demand careers.”  –  DOE

Career and technical education (CTE) provides an important pathway to success for high school students. CTE offers students opportunities to personalize their education based on their career interests and unique learning needs. Likewise, CTE courses and programs are designed to prepare students for careers in current or emerging professions.

At the high school level, CTE provides students with opportunities to explore a career theme of interest while learning a set of technical and employability skills that integrate into or complement their academic studies. High school CTE is meant to connect with and lead to postsecondary programs of study or additional training after high school, which may include more specialized technical instruction. These pathways can culminate in postsecondary degrees or certificates, apprenticeships, or employment. Learn more about CTE.

 Why Perkins CTE Packages?

Perkins CTE Packages from ROOTS Education provide proven results, are designed with Perkins populations in mind, contain built-in structures for maintaining accountability and compliance, AND feature state-of-the-art responsive technology and curriculum.

Women in TECH Manufacturing / Science

Manufacturing is one of the most profitable and sustainable industries in the United States and yet cultural and educational barriers result in a predominantly male workforce.  Only 12.9% of workers are women, and they tend to hold lower-skills jobs in assembly and shipping (rather than higher-skilled jobs in machining, programming, and design).

ROOTS Perkins CTE Packages aim to close this gap while providing quality Career and Technical Education programming that cumulates in a certificate enabling vertical growth in industry and academia. 

See what they’re saying about Perkins V addressing Gender Disparities in Technical Education. 

Immigrants / DACA

ROOTS Perkins CTE Packages seek to maximize the massive impact Perkins funding has already had on immigrant experience.

From the ROOTS Perkins CTE Package, students will emerge with a high-demand technical certificate linked to improved outcomes – from job and wage security to increased career and academic prospects. We also support ESOL learning and Communicative Language Teaching practices.  

Learn more about what Perkins CTE has to offer and the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on immigrant opportunity access in the United States.  


Non-traditional, Haptic Learners

ROOTS Perkins CTE Packages use the researched methods in pedagogy and practice to address Haptic and Non-traditional Learners with a multi-faceted program, offering simulations and live lab practice alongside traditional curriculum components. This structure also uniquely outfits the ROOTS programs to operate both remotely and on-site. 

This design helps ensure CTE Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities are actively applied in practice as well, preparing students for out-of-class applications in their careers and future academics.

Learn more about Haptic Modalities in Education Research.   



"ACES" Adverse Childhood Experiences

ROOTS Perkins CTE Packages account for the latest research in “ACES” (Adverse Childhood Experiences) and their effects on Perkins populations, offering adaptive content developed in consultation with education, sociology, and counseling service representatives. ROOTS accounts for adverse experiences and helps you address your students’ circumstances while promoting improved outcomes. ROOTS’ responsive education in high demand fields is complemented by socioemotional and professional development components inherent to the focus on collaborative technology. 

 Learn more about ACES.